The Nobody's Listening Show ***Mondays ***8:30pm EST *** (425) 440-5100 code: 529861#

This is a conversation on personal freedom, diet & exercise. 30lb. weight loss, acceptance, current events. AND features a game show, "FUN STORY SHORT" that creates laughs for the contestants and a fun, easier story to tell. For you if:

  • You are a "Jack of All Trades" & You value personal freedom and choices.
  • You consider yourself a significant other (S.O.) or have a significant other. (Definition* of S.O. is [Your mate, spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, steady and/or lover or pet. Used when you don't want to be too specific, or when the details are nobody's business.] ie: Why is Roger always talking about his significant other? Why doesn't he just say girlfriend? Because his "girlfriend" is a guy named Bruce and he's 57 y.o. "Boyfriend" sounds too "high schoolish".) *Taken from the Urban Dictionary {italics mine}
  • You like to exercise but have body aches (limitations) and no time (No or slow results losing weight)
  • You have NO health insurance and are looking for ways to "stall, delay or prevent" more aches and pains as you age
  • You want to lose up to 30 lbs. or maintain your current weight
  • You have a great idea that you know could help folks in some way
  • Your dog(s) is(are) now your child(ren)
  • You've been doing different work at different places for 10, 15 even 20 years all for the wrong reasons
  • You feel that you get no or very little respect and are tired of it
  • You have accepted at least 2 things about your body and life, and don't give a F*&% about the consequences anymore. You want to stress less. 

If you have 5 or more "you's" that you resonate with please eavesdrop on us.  If you have less than 5, this is NOT something you'd probably enjoy. 

***Warning: Content presented is for entertainment and informational purposes only and is for adults only. Please check with your physician/qualified health care provider prior to beginning any diet/exercise program. Especially "Hunger PangPang"***

We relatable professional "misfits", invite you to eavesdrop on our conversations and ideas that help folks - about great beauty tips and fun stories involving personal freedom, significant relationships, losing up to 30 lbs., having some acceptance about your body and current events. Oh, before I forget to mention it, we talk like nobody's listening!    ('cause they aren't)

Quote by Jim Rohn went something like this, "You're a product of the 5 closest people you associate with". So basically, you may have to kick some "friends" to the curb if you can't be yourself around them and share your plans. Are certain people in your world "holding" you back? So yes, this means not telling everything you know and everything that you are doing to co-workers (they're not necessarily your friends) and even some family members.

I value your email & your privacy, as I value mine. Your email will never be shared, abused or sold. Well, unless it's for over 6 figures. 

  • Do you never get noticed or are rarely listened to? How about ignored, dissed, left hanging? (no respect)
  • Did you have a great idea, but no one cared; then the "new person" presents with a similar idea and it's loved by every one (Feeling Not valued. You DO have great ideas! In wrong place maybe?)
  • Have you not only showed & told your client what to do several times, you have written down step by f#cking step, minute to minute for what your client should do... and they don't do it (Nobody listens. Maybe it's because they are saying, "Show me how to lose weight in MY world not YOURS!") OR you're the client and you exercise to lose weight, it's slow going, you've hurt yourself and you feel that your fitness trainer is NOT listening to you? 
  • Since nobody's listening to you, you might as well eavesdrop on us, us misfits...

We are 5 Professional Misfits. They help me find humor and direction. My Fab 5 and I are all "out of balance" and plan to stay there... counter balancing. Because nothing happens in the middle... only at the edge(s). We are all very strong personalities, but nonetheless we are professional "misfits", maybe like you. We are not only  a Jack of All Trades, we have found our mastery not of "none" but of what's important to each of us.

They help me help you to find your own Fab 3 or 5 , to write your own personal ad/"funstoryshort" for all your endeavors to get attention, to lose weight, how to exercise better and to speak clearer. 
Have you defined YOUR FAB 5 and what do they help you do?

This is where the ‘show’ is not really a ‘show’, but a PI (Politically Incorrect) conversation about our & your great idea(s), and your ( Short & FUN; not boring & long) story to tell others, that can create more connection & fulfillment for you and for us all...

... we feel that our similarities between us are important; but so are our DIFFERENCES... that we celebrate, which also make us unique, proud and fascinating to others.

"Fun Story Short" is a NEW game show segment of the Nobody's Listening Show. Created by Minky & 4 other professional misfits! Hey, do YOU want to be a contestant?! Are you a "Jack of All Trades" like us?

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I value your email & your privacy, as I value mine. Your email will never be shared, abused or sold. Well, unless it's for over 6 figures. 

30-45 minutes
Every Monday

Here is a sample schedule of the show's weekly schedule:

Every Monday, 8:30 pm EST.

(425) 440-5100; code 529861#

Show Outline:

I. Introduction, Disclaimer & Warning by me, Minky, the Host, of the show, my Significant Other (S.O.) for the Monday and our topic (One important warning is the phrase, "Nobody's Listening, so What The Fuck?!" will be said on the regular, throughout the shows. So if the word "Fuck" offends you... you know what to do.)

II. "I'll drink to that!"  - At times, during the show, that the host(s) and guest toasts a glass of our favorite drink {coffee, wine, tea, water, etc.} to whenever we like a current event topic, a joke or a tip during the conversation. 

and "A Dose of Discernment" - Another show stopper. It's introduced when something politically correct has been said and the host(s) passes judgement by interpreting the real meaning of the political correct term for clarity's sake. And finally "Is this a 'BFD' or 'BFD'?" OR "I Don't Care!" section

III. "Hello S.O." Humorous Banter about that week's S.O. (5 min.) – what’s the "10 lbs. in a 5 lb. bag" rant of the day (show) and why (small talk, disagreements about people's inability to check themselves & banter between each other)

IV. Fun Story Short (~20 min.) A GAME SHOW where we (professional misfits) help others, (usually "Jack of All Trades") who are way more professional than us, lighten up and tell a compelling, fun AND short story (more to come about being a contestant)

**Requirement of contestants:

Can you name your 3 to 5 Significant Others? (first name only)

Name your 4 kitchen staples & your favorite drink.

What's your philosophy/strategy about weight loss?
What's one of your biggest fears?

Have you ever been written up or fired?

Ever been told that you were unprofessional? etc.


The "Nobody's Listening Show" Schedule

We were born between 1960-1980. What year were you born? We're re-discovering ourselves through our old drab, boring story to creating our "fun story short". Do you ever feel like a "misfit" & you should be doing something else... again? Do you have a great idea for a special group? What's your story? It's not drab is it? Would we need coffee to hear it?



  • A Heretic & character/persona created for hosting the NLS and supports personal freedom
  • Am a Professional Misfit (Healthcare/Personal Training/Educator) Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits
  • Former Stand-Up Comedian
  • Former Competitive Body Builder
  • Love CCRAN (Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition & DE2LW) Lifestyle
  • Lost ~30 lbs. in 30 Days (I will tell you how)
  • Love my fat pug (PangPang), exercise, watching {football, Jerry Springer, Wheel of Fortune}, politics, quietness and the shore. The Jersey Shore is where I get my mail, but I love any shore.
  • 5 Kitchen staples: bacon, lettuce, liver, potatoes, mixed vegetables, all fats (butter, coconut oil, beef tallow, olive oil) O.K., that's more than 5.
  • One of my biggest fears - Who will wipe my butt? (when I can't do it myself)

Yep, these pics are all me, Minky. From 1981 to today. I have the key to maintaining weight. I figured it out. Listen to me on my show 'cause I say it all the time. It has to do with cycling. (not bicycling) 

Every year it gets harder to not get softer and not put on weight. 

My humor, my mother and my weight seemed like they were the only things that were "constant" in my life. My mom laughed at all (most) of my jokes. Then that laughter stopped. My mother died suddenly. Get this... while on a treadmill. How ironic. And heart-breaking at the same time. I was suddenly in unfamiliar territory... alone. But I always managed to exercise and that helped with my stress and anxiety for sure. 

In the mid 1980's I used to do stand-up comedy. I really missed it; now I'm back at it. 

So today I have my 5 Significant Others (S.O.) / my other professional misfits to help me, by keeping me "in check", and sharing
their life experiences with weight loss, talking beauty, expressing opinions and making me laugh!


  • Accidental Expert in depigmentation therapies for vitiligo sufferers
  • Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits
  • Only wears rose-colored glasses when sleeping
  • Skinny chick without really trying (bitch)
  • She's her own best advocate (self-preservation!)
  • A Professional Misfit too (Healthcare/Aesthetics)
  • Enjoys her dogs, researching skin and beauty issues
  • Former S.O. of a narcissistic sociopath (It's incredible that she is still sane) {questionable if she was ever sane}
  • 5 Food Staples - peanut butter, sushi, bacon, Skittles, toast
  • One of her biggest fears - No one will pluck her chin hairs, when she can't do it herself


  • Total Body Transformation Weight Loss Coach (Wow what a title, well deserved!)
  • A Professional Misfit too (Healthcare/ Transformational Coaching)
  • Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits
  • Mother and grandmother
  • Serial health improvement entrepreneur with a heart of gold; but takes no B.S.
  • Has had size 8 to size 20 in her closet
  • Loves to speak, help busy moms lose weight and she likes to sleep too
  • Never stops smiling when it counts and when identifying her S.O. for real this time
  • 5 Food Staples - flax seed, eggs, protein powder, rice, apples 
  • One of her biggest fears - Something drastically happening to her that would cause her to depend on someone else

Do you consider yourself a professional misfit in your line of work? Let us know and come visit our island. Want to create a fun story about yourself & be a contestant on the Nobody's Listening Show's new game show, "Fun Story Short"? Discover YOU, you "Jack of All Trades", be proud!
Opt in below!

Meet your HOST:

What scares you? Is this one of your biggest fears?

Pang Pang:

  • Pang Pang means "fat" in Chinese
  • Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits w/his momma
  • A "Buffer" pug (when the S.O. who lives with me and I use the dog to talk to each other)
  • Eats when truly hungry. Hence the name of my diet plan, "Hunger PangPang"
  • Loves liver and the dog beach 
  • Sees the world thru "rose-colored" glasses, he loves everybody
  • One of his biggest fears, all the people laps with disappear

Cuzin' Sherri:

  • My Favorite Cousin, who laughs at all my jokes
  • Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits
  • A Professional Misfit (Insurance/Math)
  • A Pescatarian (fish and vegetables and a piece of chocolate)
  • Former body builder and formerly very "cut up"
  • Avid reader and great at math
  • Maid of Honor at my wedding & witness at my divorce
  • Loves her 2 fat pugs (Lady & Lacy), "The Walking Dead", 2nd S.O. and tea
  • 5 Food Staples - tuna, eggs, water, tea and bread. (I know sounds like prison food) 
  • One of her biggest fears - Will get Alzheimer's disease and not be able to read and comprehend, remember, etc.

Who do you trust? You ARE in control. Metaphorically "surround yourself with 3 to 5 people", even if in your thoughts, who respects you & your work & your ideas. This is just the beginning, you'll see. Have some fun in the process of change.

***A different significant other (S.O.), [except PangPang], appears on the show on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Monday of the month.***

Minky's Specialty:


  • Exercise Expert
  • A Professional Misfit (Healthcare/Fitness)
  • Lives on the Island of Professional Misfits
  • Used to be called, "Fatalie Natalie", NOT any more!!!
  • 1st Place winner in Michigan for Fabulous Fitness and Figure competition for over 40
  • Loves crock pot meals, trying diets and exercise fads to find what works best for sustainability & quickest results
  • Loves all kinds of movement, her S.O., coffee, ice water, beer and an occasional vice
  • Loves her dog, George, who "trains" with her and sleeps with her too
  • 5 Food Staples - Miller Amish chicken thighs, cashew milk, Walden Farms pancake syrup, broccoli slaw, Spiru-tein whey protein powder
  • One of her biggest fears - Letting life pass her by or being a sheep & never following through on her dreams


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The 9 Principles of CCRAN:

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2. Increase vitamins A & D, naturally

3. Switch cooking oils

4. We are breakfast skippers & food jaggers

5. NO exercise on Mondays

6. Balance is bunk

7. Sleep for Dinner

8. Should have a "crutch" when needed

9. Don't encourage saboteurs